Tutoring by Video Conference

Although I much prefer meeting with students in person, we just can’t do that right now with the order to shelter in place. We all have to stay home and avoid contact with a lot of other people. So I’m offering remote tutoring by video conference, mostly using Zoom, a popular–and free–tool available to anybody with a computer equipped with a camera (or a phone or table) and an internet connection.

How is this working? To be honest, it is working better than I predicted it would. While it is sometimes difficult to feel as connected to students as I am used to, it does allow us to meet, talk about math or writing, and to learn. I typically use both old-fashioned tools such as a white board paired with online tools such as document sharing, online interactive lessons, and videos.  This combination works especially well for older students, and many younger students are able to work this way as well.

If you are interested in speaking to me about working with your child by video conference, please contact me. I have several available spots.